The Death of Motivation and Inspiration


MOTIVATION. What is this mythical concept that has everyone “inspired” to #mealprep #livefit #mevsme #pretendingtomotivateotherstohopefullymotivatemyself. SO sick of all this crap like #mondaymotivation and so on. Granted I’m guilty of it, and maybe my very few years in the “industry” have made me a bit cynical as of late. I digress…..back to “motivation”. There are so many of these messages everywhere everyday on all outlets of social media. Why is it then that more and more people seem to be suffering from “falling off” and downright lack of giving a fuck? Well, my theory is that no matter how many motivational quotes you read with pictures of “fit models” “getting it done” and “being positive” and “healthy”/clean” foods people just can’t relate. What motivates one person is not going to motivate the next.  Someone’s cold fish and asparagus #livelean is not going to inspire me to give up sweet heavenly pillows (doughnuts) and get through 45 minutes on the StairMaster at level death.  Additionally, there is a GIGANTIC gap between the reality of REAL LIFE for most people (relationships, work, social events, kids’ soccer games and cheerleading and dance ETC ) and the “life” portrayed online. Reality is, most people are setting too many long term goals and not enough short term goals. They want to do it all 1000%: eat super clean and on time ALL THE TIME, lift, do cardio, and find the equally mythical “balance” with LIFE. Its really easy for someone who makes their own schedule, has no kids, and no other obligations to “motivate” someone else to “get shit done”. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, because I believe anyone and everyone has the ability to do anything they actually WANT to do. However, everyday is not going to be sunshine and unicorns frolicking in glitter, and that’s okay. Which brings me to my final point: Motivation has to come from what YOU WANT and need as well as setting realistic goals FOR YOU not from a quote online telling you to “make things happen”. The reality is if you don’t know or even really want what you are reaching for, chances are you will never “stop wishing, and start doing”.


Post pro debut and why nothing is next


When am I competing again? I don’t know, and I have no intention of prepping for one anytime soon. Why? I don’t want to. That simple. Competing requires a certain mindset. It’s more than just having a goal or wanting to be lean or wanting to win or be recognized or whatever drives you. It takes the WANT and finding pleasure and ENJOYMENT in the hunger, tiredness, and lack of physical strength. It takes the ability to create will power in circumstances when your body and mind are pushed to their absolute limits. It takes the ability to CHOOSE. Choose to train when you have no strength, choose not to eat off your plan when you’re sitting in front of a pizza, choose not to put yourself in situations that will test your dedication and choose to stay on track during situations that you can not control. I am perfectly capable of all these things, and these are fairly simple concepts. Why not do a show then? I don’t want to choose these things. When I feel like I want to make those choices I will. For now I’m perfectly happy with my shape, my weight, with training how and when I feel like it and with the choices I’m making that have nothing to do with what or when I’m eating, training, or competing. My choices, as should anyone’s , are dictated by my priorities, and currently those are my relationship, career, enjoying my family/friends , Health, and looking however the hell I please.